Kory P. Schaff, PhD

Department of Philosophy

& Ethics in Engineering Program

Cal State L.A.

5151 State University Drive

Los Angeles CA 90032

Selected Publications:

Editor, Fair Work: Ethics, Social Policy, Globalization (London, UK: Rowman & Littlefield International, 2017).

Editor, Philosophy and the Problems of Work (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2001).

“A Right to Work and Fair Conditions of Employment,” in Fair Work, 41-55. (PDF)

“Democratic Rights in the Workplace,” Inquiry 55, no. 4 (August 2012): 385-403. (PDF)

“The WØRD:  Fearless Speech and the Politics of Language,” Stephen Colbert and Philosophy, ed. Aaron Schiller (Open Court Press, 2009), 115-30.

“Equal Protection and Same-Sex Marriage,” Journal of Social Philosophy 35 (Spring 2004): 133-47. (PDF)

“Agency and Institutional Rationality: Foucault’s Critique of Normativity,” Philosophy and Social Criticism 30 (2004): 75-95. (PDF)

“Hate Speech and the Problem of Agency,” Race, Social Identity, and Human Dignity, ed. Cheryl Hughes (Bowling Green: PDRC, 2002): 185-201.

“Kant, Political Liberalism, and the Ethics of Same-Sex Relations,” Journal of Social Philosophy 32 (Fall 2001): 446-62. (PDF)

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